aiFiLE - Be Organised

Do you have a habit of storing every file you use or download on your Desktop or A Folder and forget to move them afterwards? Are you receiving a large number of documents making it difficult to track when and where they came from? Do you have a need to send documents to a shared folder and keep an audit of when they were sent? Do you need to minimise your Profile size without going over your quota? aiFiLE empowers you to Be Organised.


Remove the Hassle, Just Click & Be Organised



An entry level file management application designed to clean up and organise your documents from any storage location.



Transfer any number of files or documents to a central location in a matter of seconds. Metrics of 1,000 documents transferred and organised in 18 seconds flat - by date, time, type. Scheduling routine tasks is part of the core engine.



The tool is designed to cater for all your basic document management needs. Keep a track of your document through the tools auditing capability by the most important criteria of date, time, type. Never forget when you received a document.



For individual and corporate use. Trials are being conducted with researchers, project managers, analysts, developers, administrators, freelancers; working in different time-zones, away from the office or absent.